Protect Your Bike’s Paint the Easy Way

Riding season is and, if you are like most motorcyclists, you are probably out in the garage cleaning, polishing and preparing your ride for the coming summer months. Try as hard as you may, don’t despair if you can’t get your paint looking as good as it did when your motorcycle was new, or even as good as it looked last year for that matter.

Let’s face it, our paint doesn’t hold up very well when it is subjected to bug splatter, stones and sand debris from the roadside or anything else that nature has to throw at it. No, our paint will usually deteriorate over time and lose that showroom shine that you originally fell in love with.

Does that mean that you should never buy a brand new motorcycle so you don’t know what you’re missing? Of course not, it just means that you should start taking some precautionary steps now to protect your motorcycle’s paint later on.

Short of washing and waxing it after every ride or just leaving it parked in your garage and never riding it, the one best, most effective way to protect your bike’s paint is to use a paint protection product like Ventureshield to keep your motorcycle paint looking like new.

Is Ventureshield Right for Your Ride?

Motorcycle paint protection comes in the form of a clear vinyl which, after applied to motorcycles, will protect them from the elements as well as wear and tear. Motorcycle paint protection, and Ventureshield especially, will help keep your paint looking new and fresh.

Why would you want that since you are the only one looking at it and you barely do that when riding? Paint protection is not just for looks or the aesthetics of your bike; paint protection will also help your motorcycle hold its value better bringing in more money when you sell or trade it in.

Let’s take a quick look at the paint protection process used by shops all around the world to protect their customers’ motorcycles, cars, trucks and other off road vehicles. This is the same process used to treat high end sports cars and luxury automobiles and it can help keep your paint looking like new as well.

Firstly, the vehicle has to be clean and the paint in good shape. Any dirt, debris and wax will need to be stripped of the vehicle so the new Ventureshield film will adhere properly.

Next, professional technicians will carefully apply the paint protection film making sure it provides ample coverage, is trimmed properly and is free of any bubbles or other matter that could affect its protective properties.

Finally, the motorcycle is washed thoroughly and the paint protection coating is checked and re-checked ensuring that it meets customers’ standards. That’s it; now your motorcycle is ready to ride on down the road, but now it has a layer of durable paint protection that is virtually unnoticeable.

Here are some benefits of using a product like Ventureshield over a cheap imitation:

  • Ventureshield is Virtually Invisible
  • You Can Wash & Wax As Usual
  • Ventureshield Won’t Harm Factory Paint
  • Ventureshield Can Be Safely Removed
  • Ventureshield Doesn’t Peel, Crack or Fade
  • Ventureshield is Better Than 3M Scotchguard

Ventureshield and other paint protection film products like it, are easy to care for and your motorcycle can be washed and waxed just as you have always done.

When the paint protection film becomes old and damaged (which will take quite some time) or you just want to remove it, the film is easily removed leaving no trace of it on your bike. What could be better than that? A way to protect your motorcycle’s paint that is affordable and reliable and that can be removed any time.

Now that you see what proper paint protection can mean for your motorcycle and you have read all of the benefits of Ventureshield, what are you waiting for? You can buy a wide range of products to protect your bike from 3DomWraps motorcycle paint protection store for much less than a repair would cost. Alternatively, protect your motorcycle’s paint by bringing it in for a paint protection service today and don’t miss a minute of this year’s riding time.

So the next time you see an unpaved road between you and your destination, don’t cringe and just ride on through knowing that your paint is protected by the bets product in the industry, Ventureshield.

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