Newest WSB Helmets are Slimmer than Ever – Introducing the Micro-Slim

Look – We’re not gonna tell you that your helmet sucks. If you live in a state that mandates that you have to wear a brain bucket, and you aren’t going to be an organ donor, you have to wear one.

Glad you are.

But you don’t have to wear that mixing bowl. What? Are you going off to fight on the Western Front?

Times and materials have changed, and while you may like rocking the Easy Rider look, you don’t have to.

Lift your head up and try out our newest line – WSB’s Micro-Slim Beanies. They are, literally, the smallest and lightest DOT certified shortys you can buy.

Crazy Al's Micro Slim Beanie Helmets - Carbon Fiber Dull Black No Visor

How’d they do it? Simple. They made a helmet out of 2015 materials, not 1945. Unlike other helmets that give you that bobbleheaded look, these lids cover everything needed and –using those materials we just talked about – meet the DOT standards. WSB has been leading the charge to keep build it right the first time and actually test how these act in a crash. What do you know? When you redesign it, you don’t need a bunch of padding and heavy shells to get protected, you just need to build it right.

WSB builds it right.

Not only did they design the mushroom out, they designed a much better ratchet fastener in. No more goofing around with D-rings like you just stepped out of 1978. No more football helmets. No more fake helmets with illegal stickers. No more helmets trying to lift off when you’re up at highway speeds. These sit thin because they are thin. Thin and tough.

No more worrying about your lid or the head that’s in it.

Check out the World’s Smallest Beanie Micro-Slims and we guarantee that they are the best you’ve ever put on. You aren’t going to find lighter or smaller. Period.

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