Featured Event: Motorcycle Ride for Dad – Edmonton, AB Canada

Motorcycle Ride for Dad
Edmonton, Canada
June 9, 2012

Prostate cancer affects hundreds of thousands of men and their families every year. Almost a quarter million men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, while almost 30,000 will die each year. The statistics are staggering, and have brought to light the need to do something about the research and treatment for those affected with this deadly cancer.

That’s why Garry Janz and Byron Smith have teamed together to help the fight against prostate cancer. These two organized the very first Motorcycle Ride for Dad event in 2000, rallying approximately 80 motorcyclists and raising over $20,000 for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Center in Canada.

Since then, the ride has become an annual event, taking places in various locations of Canada and benefiting local communities in their fight against prostate cancer. On Saturday, June 9th, the Edmonton chapter will be riding to raise funds, with the hope of hitting the $300,000 milestone with over 1500 expected motorcyclists. In five years, the Motorcycle Ride for Dad has earned over $1 million for research, education, and awareness of prostate cancer, thanks to the participants and donors that continue to keep the ride alive.

If you are interested in riding in the next Motorcycle Ride for Dad event in Edmonton, visit the website at www.motorcycleridefordad.org/chapters/edmonton today for early registration, or register the morning of the event between 7:30am and 9:45am.

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