Motorcycle Jeans that Protect Like Leather Chaps and Riding Pants

If you ride a motorcycle and you wear jeans, which I’d estimate is almost everyone that does indeed ride a bike, you will want to check out a pair of motorcycle jeans that offer the same protection as leather chaps or textile riding pants. While chaps and motorcycle pants are great, many of us don’t like wearing them unless we’re actually riding.  Which leads to having to store them somewhere when you get to your destination as well as having to put them on and take them off when getting on and off your bike.

Since most of us will have jeans underneath the chaps, companies like Sartso and Joe Rocket have developed riding jeans that offer similar protection so you can forego the chaps or protective overpants. And the best thing is, you’ll actually want to wear the Sartso and Joe Rocket jeans the whole day, on or off your motorcycle because they look so damn good!

The denim and kevlar combination that these motorcycle jeans are made from, allow the motorcycle jeans to better protect against road rash in the unfortunate event of an accident. The men’s motorcycle jeans also come with armor pockets allowing you to purchase CE armor to offer professional level protection during your rides.  An added bonus is that the armor can easily be removed if you’d rather not wear it while not on your motorcycle.

So if you haven’t gotten a pair of motorcycle jeans and you live to ride or ride to live, check out the women’s and men’s selection of Sartso motorcycle jeans and Joe Rocket jeans at and get yourself a pair for the upcoming riding season.

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