The Making of a Motorcycle Trailer Queen

Okay, maybe I’m getting old, but it occurred to me, sitting under a bridge the other day, waiting out a storm, that sometimes, it may just be smarter to haul my bike to some of the places that I usually take it. I’ve had a few hair-raising moments in heavy traffic over the years, and quite frankly, when it’s 100 degrees here in the Deep South, leather is pretty damn hot.

I look over at the cage drivers in their air conditioned boxes and think that it might be nice to have climate control once in a while.

So I’ve started looking for a newer truck to haul the scoot around once in awhile. The old Dodge has gone away, so the stable of vehicles that can haul the bike – or anything else – is a little thin right now.

Blasphemous, I know, but I-95 is scary at times – especially after the wreck I saw there three weeks ago.

With all that said, I know that Detroit wants too damn much for a new truck, and Japan is proud of their prices, too.

For you guys up in the rust belt where the roads get salted in the winter, you guys are fighting a losing battle with used trucks, too. I’ve seen the rot that salt causes in just a few years, and I’ll never understand how you can deal with that effectively.

Enter Google search.

I found a sweet extra cab dually in my price range with all the bells and whistles that I wanted.

Four wheel drive for hauling firewood out. A/C and cruise control for when I need to not sweat my ass off. Dually for hauling the camper. Long bed for the toolbox and the bike. Automatic transmission.


The problem? It’s in El Paso, Texas. Exactly 1,440 miles from my house.

The seller has sent me all the videos of the truck. I asked for and the Carfax came back clean, so guess who is going to be iron butting to Texas in two days?
This guy.

The seller thought I was crazy when I made him the offer and told him I’d ride over there on my bike to pick it up and give him a cashier’s check. I told him that I’d need a place to load my bike in it – and if he could pick up a couple of small things for me at the local parts store.

I’ll pick it up on July 1, get the title, load up the bike, and drive back to Georgia.

I just hope the truck runs as good as the bike.

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