Lucky Husband Getting a New Motorcycle to go with New Jacket

Another Valentine’s Day success story courtesy of The Bikers’ Den (the horsehide jacket would have been enough for me, this lucky husband got a new motorcycle to go with his new jacket!)…

“This year for Valentines Day I bought my husband something he has wanted for a few years now, a motorcycle bike. So I wanted to find a great jacket for him to wear, to keep him safe when rides the bike. My brother in law is the one who told me about the Hillside horsehide vests & jackets that he wears when he rides his motorcycle. My brother in law is a true patriot that buys American made products as much as possible. I know once my husband gets his bike they will probably ride together a lot on the weekends. So I went online to find the jackets. I did an internet search for Hillside horsehide vests & jackets and Hillside USA – made in America.

Buying my husband a motorcycle was something I had been struggling with, because of all the dangers that can accompany them. We live in a very populated area and many times the automobile drivers don’t pay attention to their fellow drivers let alone the motorcycle drivers. One day we were coming home on the interstate and there was this horrible accident that included a motorcycle and two cars. The motorcycle somehow ended up under one of the cars, but thankfully the motorcycle rider was up walking around and didn’t seem to be hurt at all. It took me a few more years after seeing this accident to finally start to look for a motorcycle for my husband. When he was younger he had two motorcycles, so it wasn’t that he didn’t know how to ride them that worried me. But eventually I was going to trust God and not worry that every day my husband might get in an accident.

So I had my brother in law tell me about the best motorcycle that my husband would really love and I could afford to buy. It ended up taking me two months to finally fine the perfect motorcycle that I knew he would love. When I found your website online, I was able to find a great horsehide bike jackets that he would like too. Now when Valentines Day comes he will be so surprised when I take him in the garage and give him his new bike and gear. The bike came in a couple of weeks ago and I have been hiding it and the jacket at my sister and brother in laws house.”

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