Let the Dallas Tragedy be the Last Divisive Act in this Land

As I was sitting down to write this, the tragic news of the killing of five Dallas, Texas police officers and the wounding of 7 more is still playing over the news. As some of you that read regularly will remember, I was driving through Dallas three days ago on my way back from picking up my new truck – and it makes me sick to my stomach as a former LEO that this crap is going on. I don’t give a damn about agendas – there is no rational reason to take a human life, especially of those men and women who are sworn to defend our lives and property.

Last week we spent time here in the U.S. celebrating the heroes of the American Revolution and how they stood up to a tyrannical government bent on their destruction. Today we ask for more heroes – in the government, the media, and all of society – to stand up and be counted. To stand firm and not blame guns, not blame groups, and not blame one another, but to bring this nation back to a place where it belongs – as the shining star of liberty for all men and women in the world. Not for majorities, not for minorities, not for the criminal or the cop, but for all of us.

Every single one. Only by standing together will we ever begin to heal these types of wounds – those of Orlando, Chattanooga, San Bernadino, and now Dallas are far too fresh. This is a time to put our differences out there to be discussed rationally, not apologetically. To own our responsibilities to ourselves and our families, to our laws and those who enforce them.

This is the time for leadership, not partisanship, and I want all of you guys who read this speak out to your representatives, local, state, and national, and demand that the dialogue be professional, courteous, and solution based – no matter where you live. We don’t need knee-jerk actions, we need to address the why, not the how. We need to seek answers in why families have failed to create young men and women that value human life. Why we have disenfranchised an entire generation of young people to the point that they feel the only way they can succeed is to be handed everything. Why we have empowered a group of politicians that incite not solutions but political soccer balls that they will continue to kick down the road without answer – all the while taking from the previous generations the things their predecessors promised and now will not deliver.

Let the tragic deaths of these heroes in Dallas be the last divisive act in this land – let Freedom ring again with modern heroes, not martyrs, who solve society’s troubles with actions, not poetry, and stimulate conversation, not discord.

Our prayers are with all members of the law enforcement community. May God keep you safe, and we thank you for your service.

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