Legendary USA Joins The Bikers’ Den Motorcycle Gear Lineup

About three of you will remember a few months ago when the neighbor ruined my riding jacket and the good news about The Bikers’ Den having just the new one I needed.

Well, the neighbor’s wife isn’t trying to do my laundry, but now that the snow is blowing in a lot of places and spouses are looking to you for guidance on what they Hell they are supposed to get you for Christmas, let me tell you four reasons you need to look at the new Legendary USA pages on The Bikers’ Den website.


First things first – they build some bad-ass leather gear.

Next, as a guy who was taught to appreciate high quality leatheear!r in all its shapes and sizes, they use some really, really nice raw materials to make that gear.

Third, they cut, and stitch, and sew all that good-looking stuff in Pennsylvania, U. S. of A. In other words, this isn’t some cheap Chinese stuff made out of dog leather or whatever they make cheap jackets out of in the far East.

Last – and most important to me and you – Legendary USA offers a lifetime warranty on all the leather gear they sell. If you wear it out, they will fix it – even something as simple as a broken snap. Now, if you catch it on fire, they aren’t going to help you out, but if you can wear it out (which you most likely can’t), then they will step up and own any problem they are responsible for.

Kinda refreshing here in 2017, isn’t it, when most companies get amnesia as soon as the check clears?

That’s the point. Whether you are looking for a jacket, chaps, or a vest, these are all items that should last you years and you should never have to question the quality or the durability. Let me hip you to a little “Bikers’ Den” behind-the-scenes … The Boss doesn’t open the doors to you guys for just anyone. Over the years, he’s turned down partnerships with several names that you know and a lot of you guys swear by, since there were questions about quality and how that company would take care of you after you bought their stuff.

Looking back, though, he’s made the right choice.

Legendary is just like that – they’ve been crafting and building garments since 2001 and they stand by what they build. Who gives a warranty on clothes? Obviously someone who knows that they cannot be torn up.

Check out the new gear on the site and maybe drop a few hints for the significant other while the long winter nights play out. You never know, you might have been a better boy than you thought this year!

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