Men’s Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Vests

Fox Creek Leather builds some amazing leather motorcycle gear for protection, and their vests look as well as they perform.  Here we’ve taken the top vests they manufacture and feature them here for you, along with the accessories that make them even more useful.  These riding vests are built right here in the USA and are some of the finest we’ve found.

Customer Testimonials

“Following a great deal of research, I purchased the Buffalo Nickel Vestfrom Fox Creek Leather. I couldn’t have made a better choice. The quality, fit, and appearance are absolutely first rate. My wife likes my vest so much that we are going to purchase one for her once she decides which vest she like best. I’ll say this in all sincerity, the minute you take this vest out of the box, you know that you’ve made the right choice. Great company with great products.”
– Paul M Thornton, Lexington, NC

“These vests are better than ALL OTHER VESTS…PERIOD. You will not find a better vest anywhere. The stitching, the thick leather, the pockets are flawless. Even the buttons are all turned the same way. People who know good leather notice them everywhere we go. When you feel the weight and smell the leather you know you made the right choice. I don’t have a lot of extra money to throw around so when I do spend it I want it to be spent wisely. I did not waste my money.”
– Tracy, Mississippi

“The leathers Paul Trachy sells are drum dyed leather. Not the leather-dust swept off the floor and glued together. The braided buffalo nickel vest has laced sides that I laced to “just closed.” (I can see me having to loosen up the sides this coming October when the wife and I do our annual Fall Colour Run to Kentucky though!) The genuine buffalo nickels add that old school touch to the vest. The braiding complements my wife’s leather and the pockets do hold paper currency at slab speeds! ”
– Moe, Florida

“I have a vest from Fox Creek that I have worn for about 10 years. It is warm, fits and is durable. Western NC, gets cold in the winter (right now about 10 inches of snow and below freezing outside) the vest does its part for added warmth. I am not a biker but appreciate good leather products.”
– Bill, North Carolina