Women’s Leather Motorcycle Chaps & Pants


Our Women’s Motorcycle Chaps and Leather Pants will make you look as good on your bike as you do off. All of our Ladies Chaps are made from Premium Leather and are specifically designed for the female form. The Den has motorcycle chaps and riding pants that come in all sizes and colors (black, brown and even pink leather).

Build Your Own Beltless Chaps

Build Your Own Beltless Chaps for Women


Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Women’sĀ eather Motorcycle Chaps


Build Your Own Motorcycle Chaps

Women’s Build Your Own Motorcycle Chaps


Beltless Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Women’s Beltless Leather Motorcycle Chaps


Deluxe Lined Leather Chaps

Women’s Deluxe Lined Leather Chaps

$340.00 $187.00

Lined Motorcycle Chaps

Women’s Lined Motorcycle Chaps

$282.00 $141.00

Classic Leather Motorcycle Chaps

Women’s Classic Leather Motorcycle Chaps

$189.00 $170.10

Leather Overpants

Women’s Leather Motorcycle Overpants


Leather Chaps Extender

Leather Chaps Extender

Biker Stirrups

Biker Stirrups

Testimonial – Couldn’t be Happier!

Amie Franz wearing Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Chaps
My Fox Creek Chaps arrived today and unbelievable is the best word I can use to describe them. I am very particular when it comes to fit, I have always had, and continue to have, a difficult time finding clothing items that fit. Well, to put it lightly when my husband ordered my chaps (even though we took my measurements) I was extremely skeptical, having a petite body style is not always easy to shop for. These Fox Creek Chaps fit superbly, the leather is buttery soft, with a beautiful grain, and good heavy weight leather (Not thin like some of the other company’s). My husband is a stickler for quality and is so impressed with the hardware he is ordering a complete jacket, chaps and vest combo for both of us.Thank you again for producing such a great product, I cannot wait to get my jacket and vest.

Amie Franz
Portales, NM