Men’s Motorcycle Chaps & Pants by First Manufacturing

Men's Motorcycle Chaps & Pants by First Manufacturing

First Manufacturing carries a wide selection of leather motorcycle chaps and biker pants for men. With over 2 decades of producing top quality motorcycle leathers, First has the experience and raw materials to provide the motorcycle industry with premium leather motorcycle apparel at affordable and fair prices.

FMC Unisex Short Chaps for Men and Women
Milled Cowhide Chap for Men and Women
FMC Classic Chap for Men
FMC Unisex Deep Pocket Chaps
FMC Unisex Braided Chap
Men's fully Lined 5 Pocket Jean
Mens Soft Smooth Premium Buffalo Leather Chap
Unisex Double Deep Chap

Mens Cowhide Classic Leather Pant

Soft Milled Cowhide Leather Pant for Men
Soft Naked Touch Brown Cowhide Leather Chap for Men