Women’s Justin Western & Motorcycle Boots

Women's Justin Western & Motorcycle Boots

It takes more than 100 steps to produce one pair of women’s Justin boots. In addition, more than 16 square feet of natural leather goes into every pair, making it easy to see why Justin boots are such a great value. Skilled craftsmen are specially trained to make these high-quality boots. Once the pieces are cut, the craftsman starts by cementing the piping to hold the parts in place while another skilled craftsman stitches the pieces together. In the old days, boots were topstitched by hand. Today, technology has allowed us to quickly and efficiently sew the topstitching using a computer. After a few more steps, the vamp is stitched to the front quarter and the pull straps are inserted. The process of shaping, called Freeze Form Molding, begins. The boot maker shapes the boot over the last using nails to hold the leather. The boot is now given its final shape. Excess leather is trimmed and the outsole is applied. After several finishing touches including heel trimming, inking and burnishing, Justin boots are ready to wear.

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