Men’s Danner Boots, Shoes and Footwear


Danner Shoe Manufacturing Company opened its doors in 1932 in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin with five employees. From the very beginning, Danner was focused on crafting high quality, premium footwear. Over 75 years ago, Mr. Danner moved his family and company to Portland, Oregon where the Danner team continues to craft boots to the highest standards. Danner only uses the highest quality materials to ensure that its customers can “go the distance” in all the products they create. Danner delivers performance and durability in every category, whether it’s hiking, uniform, military, hunting or work products.

Danner Men's
Danner Men’s Footwear
Danner Men's Hunting Footwear
Danner Men’s Hunting Footwear
Danner Men's Uniform & Military Footwear
Danner Men’s Uniform & Military Footwear
Danner Men's Outdoor Footwear
Danner Men’s Outdoor Footwear
Danner Men's Casual Footwear
Danner Men’s Casual Footwear
Danner Men's Work Footwear
Danner Men’s Work Footwear