Injecting Youth into the Motorcycle Rally / Biker Scene

Guess what? It’s almost Fall.

Kids back to school. Football season. Long rides to look at the leaves down winding mountain roads.

I can’t wait.

Down here in the South, I’m sick of bugs, humidity, and million degree days. The idea of a day in the 70s is the best thought I’ve had in months.

So who are you riding with when you take that trip? The little woman? Your buddy Spider? (Is it me or does everybody have a “Spider” in their riding circle?) Some guys that you barely know? Have you made any new riders?

Have you spent any time talking to folks about riding? What about the younger crowd?

Ever thought about going down to the local tech school and giving a talk to some of the local students about what it takes to keep a V-twin running? Tuning carbs? Hell, just the parts of a motorcycle and what the difference is between a ‘Glide and a Sportster?

Harley does this with a variety of courses, but what about just getting out –you were going to do it anyway – and talking to prospective riders and young folks about what it means to enjoy owning and riding a bike.

So why not get out there and be involved? Mother Davidson is reaching out – hell – they have a whole series of bikes marketed to younger riders, so get out and talk to people.

Why do this? Well, for one, all the pictures I saw of Sturgis showed an awfully old group of folks. I know that being able to take off a week and travel across the country really only comes at a certain point in a person’s financials, but jeez! I wasn’t sure if I was looking at a bike rally or a nursing home. We need some youth! If for no other reason than to make sure the wet t-shirt contests are not terrible!

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