Grading My 2016 Motorcycle Resolutions

So here we are, in the “blahs” of January. Snow is actually in my forecast here in the south and for once, it is too cold to ride. With the beginning of a New Year, we’ve all made some resolutions, and I figured I’d go back and check on mine from last year.

In all, I put in just over 16,000 miles on the bike – so I actually kept my resolution to go at least 15,000. Check.

I didn’t take the long way trip down 278 and make it to Mardis Gras – I was putting in a new engine. Fail.

I’m not in the Wisconsin Motorcycle Memorial Park, but I didn’t ride there like I promised. Check? Fail? I’m not sure how I feel about that…

I did teach about a dozen or so new or very inexperienced riders the rules of the road, but so far, none of them has ponied up and bought a bike.

I did not have a need to replace my leather. Check.

I didn’t singe off my eyebrows. Check.

This one wasn’t on the list, but I did make the trip to Sturgis on the Sportster. (It may not be a “check” but it was damn sure fun!)
How about you guys? There were so many things going on throughout the year that a lot of our resolutions that don’t have to do with health, wealth, or family get lost pretty quickly, but did you budget some time in your own life to get your butt on the bike?

You need to. We only go around this place one time and nobody sits around wishing they spent more time at the office. Make this the year that you need five oil changes!

As for me? I’m going to stick with another 15,000 miles and really try for Mardi Gras this year. I still think it would be a great ride if the weather is solid. I still want to teach more young riders that there is a lot of fun to be had when you are on the back of a bike and can truly respect and appreciate it. I still don’t want to be enshrined in Wisconsin.

And I still want to have a great time with the men and women that I ride with and enjoy the company of – whether on the side of the road smoking lunch, rolling down a two lane blacktop enjoying the view, or just waving to as they pass me by on their own trip. Crotch rocket, cruiser, or overloaded touring special, you guys are all my brothers and sisters and I hope we all keep our commitments.

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