Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Proud American manufacturers, Fox Creek Leather uses only top quality hides to produce some of the nicest motorcycle gloves we’ve ever seen.  These give you great protection with extreme control for all the things that your hands have to do on a bike.  The USA made Fox Creek line of men’s motorcycle gloves are made out of the best leather to be found and are great no matter what the weather is.

Deerskin Gloves provide you with superb protection, handling and style. The non-slip qualities of Deerskin will become apparent the first time you wrap them around your handlebars. Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves are also generally a lot thicker and more durable than cowhide so they tend to last much longer. Deerskin is one of the most difficult leathers to work with, both in it’s tanning process, and in the making of leather goods. This, and limited availability, prevents it from being a leather that can be stamped out and sewn into products by the millions using inexperienced labor and many common mass production methods. When done properly however, it produces one of the strongest, softest, most durable, and comfortable gloves you can wear.