Easy Upgrades to Your Motorcycle Can Make You Safer

Alright guys and gals, we’re really getting into the last month before its time to put up the bikes for the winter. Are you making the most of these last weekends of good cruising?

Of course, down South, we can usually ride year-round, but it’s gonna get a little chilly in the next 60 days. While the leaves change, there are some great cruises to take, and don’t forget – with all the dummies in cars gawking at leaves, watch out for them, too.

The next piece is what have you got slated for your bike when you put it up over the winter?

Pipes? Paint? Wiring? New S and S setup? Fix that annoying little leak?

I have a question for you…

Have you thought about upgrading the lights?

Yeah – the headlights, taillights, blinkers? Get them brighter and make you more visible to the drivers around you?

I did it last week – except for the blinkers – I’ll have to add a resistor in to the harness to allow the LEDs to work, but the difference is noticeably brighter. Is it safer? That depends, as always, on who is seeing me. The teenager texting? The old guy going 37 in a 55? The drunk swerving?

Probably not.

But to the regular driver – the one that I might avoid? I hope they will see me a little better.

In the end, what I did is cheap insurance that may only help in my little head under my beanie, but confidence on a bike is

All I know is that when I saw the difference, I felt that I had made some small, tangible improvement right there in the driveway that may, just may save me. Total cost? About $39 US. Took me about half an hour.

As you get ready to spend some garage time as winter creeps into our days, make improvements that are really improvements. Better light, bigger brakes, safer helmet. Then worry about going fast.

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