Easily Customize Your Motorcycle Part 4 – Motorcycle Fairings

Last time we took a look at motorcycle passenger seats and padded motorcycle seat covers. In this installment of easy to install motorcycle parts, we are going to look at motorcycle fairings. A fairing for a motorcycle is basically a shell paced at the front of the frame that serves to reduce air drag as well as protecting the rider from wind and any airborne hazards such as bugs, rocks and debris. Although it seems like a motorcycle fairing would require some major expertise and a lot of time to install, there are companies that are making it easier and easier to quickly install and remove a fairing so you can choose to ride with or without it whenever you choose.

Although a huge benefit of motorcycle fairings is a savings on fuel consumption due to the reduction of wind drag, another great thing about fairings is that they can carry bluetooth stereo sound systems, GPS, radar detectors, extra gauges and even storage compartments for smaller items that you’d like to take with you on your motorcycle adventures.

Tsukayu is a company that makes easy to install fairings for many models of motorcycles. Tsukayu started in the motorcycle parts industry by developing affordable after-market fiberglass motorcycle hardbags. As with their motorcycle hardbags, Tsukayu made it a priority to ensure their fairings could fit a broad range of bike styles and models but also make it easy for their fairings to be easily installed and removed.

With shows like HBO’s “Son’s of Anarchy”, fairings are starting to become more popular as the benefits of having one is offsetting the overall look of one’s bike. The practicality of motorcycle fairings is finding it’s way onto many bikes nowadays and companies like Tsukayu are making them better and better with more components already installed while making them as easy to install as possible.

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2 thoughts on “Easily Customize Your Motorcycle Part 4 – Motorcycle Fairings

  • Jordan @ Moterbike Fairings

    Thanks for sharing this valuable tips about motorcycle fairings. These days, most of people prefer modification with their motorcycle so they always try to upgrade latest parts with their bikes. I think these tips may useful for them to easy installation of bike parts. Thanks…

  • thor riding gear

    These types of motorcycles are good for stylish motorbike advertisement or a showpiece of any bike shops, but some people are how using this bike it is can’t understand because I don’t like these bikes and I know this the cause of joints pain. Actually these types of bikes are only created for uses any action movies.