Daytona Helmets – DOT Certified Helmets & Non-DOT Novelty Helmets

Need a new lid for Daytona Bike Week? The Bikers’ Den has the perfect solution. Whether you wear an open face skid lid or full face sportbike helmet, Daytona Helmets manufacture a long line of motorcycle helmets to satisfy any motorcycle enthusiast, no matter what you ride. After successfully being in the helmet business for the last 20 years, it’s safe to say that Daytona Helmets knows one thing and knows it very well. As a leading manufacturer of inexpensive motorcycle and motorsport helmets, Daytona Helmets has the knowledge and experience to combine quality, style and affordability into each helmet they offer.

Daytona even carries non-legal Novelty Motorcycle Helmets. If you don’t care about your helmet being DOT certified but just want to keep the law from making you an easy target, a novelty biker helmet is what you’ve been looking for. Because these helmets do not meet any DOT certification standards, they are much lighter, smaller and have extremely low profiles compared to even the smallest DOT certified helmets made from the lightest DOT approved material.


Daytona Shorty Skull Cap Helmets
Daytona German Style Motorcycle Helmets









Daytona Modular Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmets









Daytona Open Face 3/4 Shell Helmets









Daytona Novelty Helmets (Non-DOT)
Daytona Children’s Motorcycle Helmets

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