Christmas Shopping – Biker Style

Well, even here in the south we’re in a deep freeze. Yesterday, the high never got above 38 degrees and I’ll tell you, driving the old diesel was a relief. It may not be anything like what some of you guys are used to north of the border, but we truly don’t have the gear to take cold temperatures mixed with a little humidity.

Not at all.

So look, the simple matter is that for a lot of us, this has been a tough year financially and, for ALL of us men, we aren’t done shopping for Christmas yet.

Most of us haven’t started yet.

Here’s the deal – for the road family, give them easy the easy stuff: tobacco and alcohol.

For the extended family – give them gift cards.

For the seat warmer – give her lingerie and reservations to a posh hotel in the Spring.

For the kids – give them either a gift card to the video game place or a gift card to the speed shop for the car their building (or, if you’ve raised them right, the bike).

After that, you just buy a bunch of greeting cards and you’re done.

Couldn’t be simpler and if you take your time, it will take you all of two hours to handle everybody on the list.

Now, because most of us with bikes fall into the “hard to shop for” category, here’s what you do – drop the hints that a gift card is the best thing for you since you’re so picky, then you can go log in and get what you need. Go fast goodies, gear, alcohol and tobacco.
You know, the necessities.

If you time it just right, you can even use those gift cards to pay for the old lady’s hotel room in the Spring. See how this all works out? No fuss, no muss.

All over social media, I see people freaking out about buying the perfect gift and I just don’t get it. They talk about how ugly the sweater was that Grandma knitted for them and then complain when Grandma decides to hit them with an Amazon gift card. Fruitcakes! Take the card and get the stuff you need and never look back.

When my grandmother was alive, I wished she gave me a set of headers for my truck when I was a kid, but she didn’t. She spent the same money, but got me other “stuff”.

Stuff that never got used.

Stuff that got thrown away or outgrown before it was worn out.

I’m telling you, lose the stress and let them get what they need. I mean, think how hard it would be to pick out the right riding jacket to someone who doesn’t ride? Black? Fringe? Buckles? Zippers? Tight cut or a looser fit?

No matter what, though, enjoy this season and the family you have, no matter whether they are blood or bond.

Merry Christmas.

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