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Brad Pitt to Star in an SOA prequel?

Alright! Enough already! Ever since Sons of Anarchy (SOA) went off the air in December on 2014, folks have been clamoring for more. Prequel, sequel, lost editions, spin-offs – nobody cares, as long as Kurt Sutter does something that ties directly to SOA (I know, the whole Mayans thing is cool, but plenty of folks […]

Sportster Engine Build – Continued

Alright! Nobody did anything stupid in the world of motorcycles and Social Media so I can talk about my Sportster engine build! For starters, understand that I am modifying a bike that has been in a state of continuous modification for the better part of two decades. Longtime readers know that even though this is […]

Bell Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Decisions After Blowing Up the Harley

Well, fellas, it’s time for some new goodies. I kinda blew up the Harley. Actually, I blew a chunk out of the block when I wound out third. 94,378 miles and nearly three quarts of oil down the drain. So now I have to figure out if it makes more sense to scrap the whole thing and […]

2016 Motorcycle Resolutions

Here we go! New Year, new resolutions, and I’ve decided to write two sets of them. The first is that standard crap – lose weight, make more money, save more of the money I make and invest it intelligently… yada, yada, yada. The fun one, though, is all the stuff I’m going to do that […]

Featured Bikers with Big Hearts: “Gunny”

I want to tell you guys a story that happened last weekend. I was out on my old Sportster, riding in west Georgia, and, rolling down Highway 27 south, and I saw an absolutely terrible looking Geo Metro on the side of the road. Nothing exciting about that, because this thing looked like it shouldn’t have even […]

Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day

Okay, I need you guys to be paying attention! Monday, June the 15th, get that hog or cruiser out of the garage and take it to work.  Yes, brave the weather, traffic, bugs, whatever and come out for Ride Your Motorcycle to Work Day. Yep.  This has been going on since the Nineties, but I […]

“Ashes and Asphalt” by Trevor Halloway

Death couldn’t stop Wild Bill Byrne from heading to Sturgis, but his sons could. Mike and Kyle Byrne have five days and two thousand miles to cover in order to fulfill their father’s last wish to have his ashes scattered at the bike rally. Other than a rouge New Orleans biker, a group of carjackers […]

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Motorcycle Therapy: On the Road Again

It’s not hard to convince people that there is something legendary about hitting the road on a pair of wheels. The lure of the landscape, the thrill of soaring across turf and tarmac as the engine purrs might be timeless cliches, but they resonate true in the heart of every biker. While the winter months […]

Cast Stone Motorcycle Sculpture Art by Randall Zadar

Original cast stone motorcycle sculptures by Sculptor Randall Zadar. Display indoors or out. Hand-cast and hand-finished. Made in USA. Display in your yard, garden, home, garage or office using a built-in hook. Makes a great gift for anyone who loves motorcycles. The dimensions are: 8 x 5 x ¾, weighs 2.5 pounds. Commissions are available to clubs […]