Brad Pitt to Star in an SOA prequel?

Alright! Enough already! Ever since Sons of Anarchy (SOA) went off the air in December on 2014, folks have been clamoring for more. Prequel, sequel, lost editions, spin-offs – nobody cares, as long as Kurt Sutter does something that ties directly to SOA (I know, the whole Mayans thing is cool, but plenty of folks want straight up SOA stuff, too).

I mean, some of these fans would be good with an SOA cookbook, but for the rest of us, the idea of learning a little more about how it all got started, or at least some of the cool stuff that we think might have happened back in the day – that just gets us hot and bothered.

Well, it seems that it might be even better than what we could ever have hoped for, because if the rumors are true (and they appear to be), Brad Pitt will be the guy playing a young John Teller. Brad Pitt.

Now, some of you guys will think that maybe that’s just weird. Personally, the idea of Pitt playing Teller as a young man just back from Vietnam and trying to sort out all that has happened to him and his country and the wild days of the 70’s?

You guys know me – I’ll watch it just because I love the bikes from that time (although I don’t like the reliability). I can’t think of a better actor to bring a time and a place – and a character to life than a dynamic actor like Brad Pitt. He can bring the grit that Teller has, he can bring the emotion of that entire decade and creation story to life.

If you aren’t chomping at the bit for this, you either can’t be satisfied or you have your head in outer space. The best part is that Kurt has apparently been thinking through all this and figured out that by choosing the really early time and formation of the club, he doesn’t disturb the story that we’ve all learned. He’s able to write it purely as he doesn’t have anything screwing up the story because it’s too lose to all the “facts” we SOA junkies have memorized.

The downside? Nobody seems to be really clear on when this might actually hit and be available. Now I know that we will keep our ears to the ground and let you know, but if you hear something that we didn’t, let us know and we’ll track it down and let everybody else know.

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