Boo Hoo, Sad Tips for Storing your Motorcycle for Winter

Sadly, if you live in an area where you can’t ride year-round it’s important to prepare for the winter months by having a proper storage space for your motorcycle. While it is highly recommended you put your bike into a storage facility, garage or shed if it’s going to be sitting for a few weeks or more in cold conditions, you can also consider getting a motorcycle cover or pop up sheltered.

Perform all of the regular checks and winterizing tasks before you cover your motorcycle or pull it into a garage or storage space:

  • Change the oil.
  • Remove the battery and give the bike a final wash to prevent any chemicals or corrosive materials from resting on the bike as it sits.
  • Add fuel stabilizer and run the bike to prevent corrosion in the tank
  • If you plan on leaving your bike for six months or more you may also want to remove the fuel and use fogging oil to prevent the tank from rusting.
  • Keep your tires protected. Putting your bike on a stand or at least taking some of the pressure off of your tires if they are going to be sitting for a few weeks will help to prevent flats. If you have to set your bike on its tires consider rotating them every few weeks through the winter months.
  • Tying down a cover if you plan on keeping your bike outside is also very important to preventing the rain and elements from getting to it.
  • If your only option is to store your bike outside you should consider securing it with a lock and chain or potentially putting it in a place near your house where it is concealed and blocked from the elements and from view.

Use these tips to improve your winter motorcycle storage techniques and make riding in the spring that much easier.

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