Biker Diet – Ride More, Eat and Drink Less

Okay, I’m just gonna put this out there. Now, that’s not to say that we are perfect, but in the 1594 miles I rode in the last two weeks, I saw one seat warmer that looked good. One. And honestly, she wasn’t so much good looking as just considerably smaller than all the other ones I saw.

On the other hand, I can’t really comment on how the riders looked, but I’d say that most of us could lose 20 pounds and not miss it, but … damn. I know that I’ve written about how we as a group aren’t getting any younger, but that is unavoidable. Being a blob on the bike is. Putting two blobs on a bike is just asking for that poor drivetrain to struggle!

All of this is really kind of counterintuitive, too. You can’t eat on a bike. You can’t easily drink on a bike – maybe a big touring job you can sort of make do, but nobody is pounding down 44 ounces of refreshment on a road trip – but for the most part, all the stuff that is making us fat is not done on a bike.

So it would seem that the cure is simple – ride more, eat and drink less. Quit being a waxer and be more of a rider. Learn more about how to handle a little adversity on the road and less about using ranch dressing as a condiment.

With all that in mind, how many of you guys are going to take your scoot to work on June 16th this year (National Ride Your Bike to Work Day) and I challenge you all to get out the bike and ride it even if (gasp!) there is a cloud in the sky!

There’s an upside to the idea of getting in shape and riding more- you’ll feel better and probably live longer.

That means more time to ride because you are around to actually get on the bike rather than riding that handicapped trike at the grocery store in your leathers. (don’t try it, the battery will die).

One last thought for all you garage junkies – chances are if you look good and your old lady looks good, you might get lucky more often.

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