Are EMTs on Motorcycles a Reality in the USA?

Do you think Ambucycles will become a reality on American roads? According to Eli Beer, the founder and manager of United Hatzalah, heavy traffic, construction, and poorly maintained roads keep first responders from getting to patients in time. That’s where the Ambucycle comes in. The cost of each bike including the medical equipment, maintenance, and insurance is around $26,000. The Ambucycles obviously can’t carry a person, but they can stabilize a patient long enough for an ambulance to arrive, thanks to an on-board trauma kit, oxygen canister, defibrillator, and more. And if the terrain is too tough for their dual-sport, United Hatzalah has a four-wheel-drive Ambutractor in the fleet as well.

Ambucycle - Motorcycle Ambulance

The Ambycycle is the brainchild of Eli Beer who sees these vehicles as the solution to saving lives in high traffic congestion areas.

ambucycle 2

Will Ambucycles one day be a common vehicle on American roads?

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