A Halloween Tribute – Tom Savini

Tom Savini in Knightriders

Tom Savini is a jack of all trades in the entertainment industry, and has enjoyed an amazingly diverse career.  He is an actor and stuntman, and behind the camera, has served as a director and special effects artist, using makeup and other techniques for a number of popular films including Dawn of the Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and Friday the 13th.

As an actor, he has had screen time on well-known films such as Knightriders and Grindhouse, and has helped direct several episodes of Tales from the Darkside and the 1990 version of Night of the Living Dead.  In many of the shows that he acted in during his film career, he often played the “tough guy,” whether it was a motorcyclist, a killer, or a cop.  He can be found donning a motorcycle in the 1981 flick Knightriders as Morgan, the Black Knight; as a motorcyclist in The Boy Who loved Trolls from 1984; and as a biker that fights vampires (dubbed “Sex Machine”) in From Dusk Til Dawn.

Tom Savini in From Dusk Till Dawn


Recently Savini has been involved in many projects, and is even on the Food Network as a judge for Halloween Wars, and is also lined up for several acting and documentary gigs for upcoming shows and films.  While he no longer makes a living by creating special effects and make-up work for movies, he has been focusing on his acting and directing career and in teaching students of the Douglas Education Center the tricks of the trade.

From 1977 to now, Tom Savini continues to use his creative abilities and talents to not only entertain and amaze the film industry, but to educate students who have a desire to be in the same industry and follow in the footsteps of this legendary director, actor, and makeup artist.

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