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What Makes Cafe Racers so Special

What Makes Café Racers Special?

The motorcycle marketplace is a conundrum. With so many specialized bikes on showroom floors, it is strange how vaguely homogenized the market seems. Tourers, ADVs, dual sports, standards – they’re all so alike. That’s where the classic café racer stands alone. It is a glimmer of individuality in a world of increasing sameness. Café racers […]


Why I Hate Riding In October (Sometimes)

In plenty of places in North America, October represents some of the best riding weather around.  Leaves are starting to change, you finally don’t feel soggy at the end of a ride, and Old Man Winter being right around the corner means that plenty of us are going to be putting up our bikes for […]

Motorcycle Seat Covers & Gel Cushioned Pads

Good Timing is a Great Thing

I know, I know, it’s been forever since I’ve posted and I promise, I haven’t been misbehaving.  To tell the truth, I’ve been stuck indoors too much since the weather has sucked in South Georgia for weeks.  100-degree days, humidity off the charts, and rain every afternoon. So my bikes are clean, all the maintenance […]

A Few More Motorcycle Cleaning Hacks

A Few More Motorcycle Cleaning Hacks

In our last post, we talked about a few easy ways to keep your bike clean and protected during riding season and even though we covered a lot of ground, I realized that I hadn’t mentioned a few important ones. If you wear a full-face helmet or have a fairing/windshield, you have got to get […]

A Dream Job At Harley-Davidson

Undoubtedly, some of you saw the news this last week that Harley-Davidson is hiring interns. Nothing new there – internship has been a part of big business for decades, but Harley is actually doing something – something that may be the smartest thing to come out of Milwaukee in a long time. They’re going to […]

Doing Stupid Things to Motorcycles

Doing Stupid Stuff to Motorcycles

I made the mistake the other night of staying online too long and I ended up watching videos of weird people doing stupid stuff to motorcycles.  It would seem that in the online world, everyone has an idea – and not necessarily a good one – of how to custom build a bike. Nevermind that […]

5 Top Tips For Buying A Second-Hand Motorbike

Choosing and buying a new motorbike is no easy feat as there are so many out there but, with a second-hand bike, there’s a lot more to consider.   Motorbikes don’t come cheap and, because safety is of paramount importance when riding, it’s essential that you carry out certain checks before you hand over your […]

Help Us Add More Biker Friendly Places to our List

Here’s the deal: Since we have thousands of folks that read this blog, buy the gear, and check out our social media pages, we’ve decided to build a complete list of biker-friendly establishments all over North America. Beer joints, hot sheet motels, truck stops, garages, restaurants, diners, campgrounds… all of them. The way The Boss […]

How to Start a Motorcycle Business

So you’ve made the decision, and you want to go it alone. You’re going to open up your own motorcycle business. Well, good luck and we all hope it goes well…. at this point everyone you know leaves you to get on with it. Well, how about one final check to ensure you’ve got everything […]

What’s the Deal With Triumph?

Anybody who has been involved with riding for any length of time knows a little of the history of bikes in North America. Harley, Indian, the myriad of Japanese bikes starting in the 1970s, and then, assorted European and British bikes that appeared after World War 2. A few days ago, I was at a […]