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Christmas Shopping – Biker Style

Well, even here in the south we’re in a deep freeze. Yesterday, the high never got above 38 degrees and I’ll tell you, driving the old diesel was a relief. It may not be anything like what some of you guys are used to north of the border, but we truly don’t have the gear […]

When will us Bikers Learn?

Last week, like the good boy I am, I got the whole family cleaned up and went to visit my parents for the Thanksgiving holiday (Yeah, we have it a little later than our Canadian friends). We ate too much, we laughed, and when the feast was finally done and the second piece of pie […]

Winterizing Your Bike the Right Way

Now, we’ve certainly discussed winterizing your ride time and again, but as that magical time of year draws near (and already has for some of you) I wanted to add in a little final thought about the whole thing. Now that we’re about to be suffocated with Christmas Carols and holiday cheer, make a different […]

GMAX Modular Helmets

Motorcycle Battery Storage Tips

By now, almost everybody knows that I live way down south in the United States where “cold” is very relative and I have the luxury of riding year ‘round. On the other hand, just about ALL of you guys live north of me and for most of you, that means that you have winterized your […]

Enough About H-D, What About the Other Guys?

Alright, far from just picking on the corporate talking heads at Harley-Davidson, I figured I’d pick on a few of the other big companies that build big cruisers overseas. I’m not talking about small shops that are just really just one-offs of Harley and their overall production and market saturation is really dependent on Harley […]

Some Things to Truly Be Thankful For

Just a newsflash… I know that the lion’s share of our readership is north of the border, and with that, I want to wish you guys a belated Thanksgiving. While my Canadian friends were giving thanks for the blessings they have, I had a Thanksgiving of my own here in the last week. You see, […]

The Art of Cornering on a Big Bike

Now that Fall is here and we begin our own little migration to the switchbacked mountain roads to look at leaves but really, we just want to corner aggressively and have a fun day, we need to talk about something. Plenty of newer riders have no idea how to corner aggressively in a big V-twin. […]

Where Were You? 15th Anniversary of 9/11

Hard to believe that 15 years ago our lives here in the Western world were changed forever by a few extremists and a misguided view of our freedoms. September 11, 2001, everything changed. Like Kennedy’s assassination a generation before, we will all remember where we were on that day. In the end, for a lot […]

I Coulda Had a Big Eight

Sorry for the bad pun from 1970’s advertising, but just last week, Harley Davidson finally owned up to the worst-kept secret in company history. They’ve got a new engine. Not to worry, it’s still a V-Twin, but the new “Big Eight” or “Milwaukee Eight” has taken a step in a different direction from the past […]