2016 Motorcycle Resolutions

Here we go! New Year, new resolutions, and I’ve decided to write two sets of them. The first is that standard crap – lose weight, make more money, save more of the money I make and invest it intelligently… yada, yada, yada.

2016 Motorcycle New Years Resolutions

The fun one, though, is all the stuff I’m going to do that is motorcycle related (and I got a bunch of gift cards that I managed to activate and will spend on biker gear). Anyhow – here’s my 2016 Motorcycle Resolutions:

  • Log 15,000 miles on the Sportster this year. (2015 I got 12,732)
  • Keep the dirty parts cleaner – and facing down.
  • Road trip to the Wisconsin Motorcycle Memorial Park, but not join the club.
  • Teach 5 young people to ride.
  • Ride US 278 from one end to the other, then turn south and head to New Orleans for Mardi Gras in New Orleans on February 9. If the weather holds!
  • Keep my eyebrows (readers will remember that I had the chance to blow them off about halfway through 2015)
  • Not develop the need to replace my leather.

How about you guys? I know a bunch of ya’ll are up to your asses in snow, but now is the time to plan all those cool road trips in the spring and summer. Trade in some of those gift cards for gear and get your scoot ready, because it is going to be time to ride soon enough. No sense in trying to figure it out then, figure it out now and make the plans, that way, you know exactly who to blame when those plans get screwed.
Keep the shiny side up guys! Happy New Year!

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