2014 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The 2014 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is already underway! This year marks the 74th anniversary of the first Sturgis Rally, and it just keeps getting bigger every year. What can we expect this year? The Black Hills have already seen the usual influx of riders from all over the country, and the rev of motorcycle can be heard up and down the South Dakota.  Every year, thousands of riders descend on South Dakota to take part in what was once a weekend event for only a handful of riders.


As we wind up for next year’s 75th rally, we are seeing a resurgence in some of the classic rally events, including half-mile races and ramp jumps. That’s not to say that we will be missing any of the newer events. We can still expect to see the same motocross races, jumps, and drug races that have punched up this rally in the last couple of years.


Vendors comes from all over the country to set up their booths at this rally. When you’re not watching a race, you can grab a meal, get a new tattoo, or even get your motorcycle customized by professionals streaming into Sturgis.


Aside from the vendors and motorcycle events, there are going to be concerts, free barbecues, and even church services. Sign up for helicopter rides, take a look at the art exhibits, or have a go at shooting a machine gun. The events for this year’s rally are extremely varied. If there isn’t a show going on that you absolutely want to see, it will be easy to find something at the booths or around Sturgis that will hold your attention.


If you’re planning on hitting up the rally, you’re likely also looking for some great places to ride while you’re in the area. South Dakota is home to both sweeping flatlands and hilly roads, making it the perfect place to take the bike out, especially in the cool of the evening. It’s only an hour’s ride out to Mount Rushmore from Sturgis, and a few hours out to the Badlands. Other great sights, include Spearfish Canyon or Deadwood are only a few minutes away.


Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet fellow riders, see some great events, and experience the natural beauty of South Dakota! Though this rally rolls around every year, the Sturgis 2014 rally is already in full swing and you can still hit the best events before you have to wait a full year for this experience to come around again.

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