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DOT Certified Motorcycle Helmets VS Novelty, Non-Certified Helmets

Many states are passing laws that require motorcycle riders to have certified motorcycle helmets, which are also known as DOT helmets (Department of Transportation). These helmets are manufactured to conform to the standards set forth by the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highways Traffic Safety Administration standards. These standards focus on three aspects of a […]

Buying Your First Motorcycle

So you’ve passed your test, and you’re ready to head out onto the road on two wheels. Congratulations! Not only is passing your test a big achievement, but it’s also a cause for celebration, as that means you’ll be looking to buy your first bike. But what should you be looking for, and what should […]

Easy to Install Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts Part 3 (Motorcycle Seats & Seat Cushions)

Aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories are a great way to customize your motorcycle.  Easy to install parts are even better, requiring little time or effort to individualize your pride and joy. In the first 2 articles, we took a look at adding gauges such as clocks, thermometers, compasses as well as leather saddlebags and toolbags. […]

Mythbusters claimed to prove that motorcycles are worse for the environment than cars, how long before the government taxes motorcycle owners?

The following motorcycle-related question was posted on Yahoo! Answers and our answer was voted the best… Question: Now that the Mythbusters proved that motorcycles are worse for the environment, how long before the government starts charging you extra to own one? (Asked by Jay Seven) Our Answer: In order to do a real analysis about this issue, […]

Featured Motorcycle Club: The Shamrocks of Florida MC, Ile Garda Chapter 12

Originally founded as a club for Federal Law Enforcement Officers, the Shamrocks MC is now a motorcycle club with membership containing and open to all US law enforcement officers without regard to level of government. The Shamrocks MC is a nonprofit organization designed to promote brotherhood between all members of our nation’s law enforcement community. […]